Reasons for Grooming your pets:

  • Crust in the corner of the eyes causes sores that can lead to your pet's discomfort. These sores can only heal after removing the thick crust upon regular grooming.

  • Long and overgrown nails force your dog to walk on the sides of their pads. In the long run, this contributes to arthritis in the legs and hips.

  • Matted hair pulls and causes pain for your pet and creates a breeding environment for fleas, ticks and their nests.

  • Anal glands are the most neglected part of your dog's body as they fill up. Some can burst causing very expensive surgery.

  • Your dog's ears have hair deep within the inner canals that need to be removed every four to six weeks.

  • Hair in the ears as well as anal areas serves as hosting areas for nesting fleas.

  • Dogs cool off by panting and by air circulating around and through their pads. Long hair impairs that ability.

  • Bathing your dog without first brushing creates small, tight knots referred to as pin knots.

  • Some breeds have undercoats that build from shedding within. The outer and inner coat become thickly packed and form thick
    mats that are extremely hard to remove.

  • A clean and well-groomed pet is just plain good hygiene.

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